Sunday, July 4, 2010

And we shall call him...

Well, we finally have our new little guys name picked out. Sorry mom, no AJ. Sorry Ashton, no Iron Man or Jet. Sorry sweet husband, no Isaac Newton.  However what is neat is that Ashton did come up with this little guys full name and doesn't even realize it.
We're driving home from work and I mentioned something about Jasen then Ashton came up with another name.
"Mom I have a great name. what about Jas?"
I could not understand what he was saying so I said "Chase?"
"No Jas, like Jasen but not Jasen, just Jas."
"Are you saying Chase or Jas?"
" JAS, not Chase"
"Oh, well not sure about Jas but I do like Chase. What do you think?"
"I don't like it. He's going to get confused. If he's on the playground with his friends and they say "Chase", he's going to think they want to chase him."
Ummm, very logical thinking for a 5 yr old.....

The one name that Ashton was certain of and would not let go of was Jacob.  He really really likes that name and was determined to have that be his name. I do like the name Jacob and actually considered it in the beginning for Ashton's name, but saw that it was the top boy name for years.  I wanted something that was good but yet not so common.  Well Jacob is still once again one of the top boy names and I know that those twilight movies are not helping it fall any faster.

After long conversations with a 5 yr old - he must get his negotiating skills from his mama - we told him he could pick the middle name and mom and dad would pick the first. Deal!

So ladies and gentlemen, our little blessing which should be arriving in less than 4wks is - Chase Jacob Pugh, or as my mom will probably call him "CJ".  We are so excited and I am so ready! Maybe we will get lucky and he will want to surprise us by coming in 3 weeks....well I can always hope!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I can not wait to meet this little guy, what a blessing he already is!!!

  2. Yes, Gapoo shall call him CJ