Monday, October 4, 2010

2 months...

Wow, Chase is 2 months today and time is flying way to fast.  He is growing like a weed and starting to show his personality. He loves to eat, loves to be held, loves to smile....loves to cry :)  He is almost 12.5 lbs and his once balding head is filling in with hair. He is changing right in front of us. We look at him and see this little miracle, this little guy we thought we would be unable to have, this perfect baby that does not realize how much he means to us and how much joy he has added to our family. Ashton loves his little brother. His eyes light up, loves to hold the "little dude", kisses him every morning and every night. "Mom can my baby brother sleep with me in my room when he turns 3?" He can't want for him to stop crying be able to play and talk.  Time seems to be moving at a faster pace and I am tyring to cherish each day

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  1. So cute! Time goes waaaaay too fast. I'll say it a million more times this year I'm sure. I want the babies to stay babies, minus the cryng part of course. :)